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i like the style and the idea...

cept i wouldnt call a long drawn out boat ride an epic journy...

so.. umm... yeah.... huh.... well then...

Im amazed that this made the front page.... it must have taken less effort to make that flash then it did for me to type this message...

Kinda sad...

I did this song for a flash a long time ago... it would have been cool if you had done it really well, but all you did was copy all the crap i did when i submitted. If no one believes me, go watch sunscreen tree, look at all the ideas he has copied, and then look at the date of origin.

sad man...

Ying-yong responds:

The thing that is sad is that you were my inspiration for this whole project. You should feel proud of yourself. I visited that flash ion...70 times watching it, loving it. It's my favorite movie ( I dont know how Teagirl got there) and I voted 5 on it for a long time. That's why it rose from a 2.92 to a 2.98. I checked if anyone else did the same, and no, I was your biggest fan.

I made sure the style stayed close to yours, having enough animation, but no too much to water down the movie. You said all of your ideas were copied. Ball faced exaggeration. There are some 3 or 4 similarities. You may think some things were copied, ( Mom dies, siblings hug) but there are some many things afterward, combined with the thought of yours, I thought you'd be proud, and prayed that you'd make more flash.

But no.

i get it ! nice

awsome work

so thats what drunkin bums do with their empty bottles ! it all makes sense now!

YES YES YES! Nooooooo

Amazing work, truely original with a horrible bird heart crushing ending...

damn that jock bird to hell.. DAMN HIM!


Simply godly artistry and detail. you are truely a god among fish! keep up the good work.


Ya forget about those other reviewing fools... for your first flash, that was godly. I cant wait to see more of your work, keep it up DAMNIT >< ! =)

my god...

That was amazing! Near the middle it felt like i should have payed to watch this work of art. Please keep up good work!

I like it

Pretty simple flash, but i love the style man.

awsome job!

Eggs aren't just for breakfast !!!

I love this flash, i havnt seen the first one but i assume it just as great as this one. Awsome job on the building jumping scene, amazing ! Keep on flashin !

TheDevilsJoker responds:

Thanks, a little bit of roof leaping never hurt anyone....apart from the guy who fell :D

Once i get some spare time... ima comin back i swear...

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